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ABOUT ME : Biologist, Wildlife Photographer Author, Outdoor & Travel Lifestyle Influncer

Hello I'm Alex Troutman, A.K.A N8ture_Al. I'm an avid Outdoors Enthusiast, Science Communicator and Wildlife Biologist, who loves animals, food, and adventure. I'm passionate about engaging others into the outdoors and showing that it is safe and welcoming to all. I share my passion for wildlife photography, conservation, and travel with my followers to encourage others, especially the younger generation to engage in the outdoors. When not working, I am traveling and exploring the natural world , as well learning about the various foods and cultures of the places that I have traveled too!

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My mission is to showcase that the outdoors are a fun and welcoming place for all individuals regardless of race, binary status, size, and abilities. While Inspiring and fostering a love for nature and the environment.

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