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Author Bio:

 Alex Troutman is a wildlife biologist, birder, nature enthusiast, and science communicator from Austell, Georgia. He has a passion for sharing the wonders of nature and introducing the younger generation to the outdoors. He holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in biology from Georgia Southern University (the Real GSU), with a focus in conservation. Because he knows what it feels like to not see individuals who look like you, or come from a similar background, doing the things you enjoy or working in the career that you aspire to be in, Alex makes a point not only to be that representation for the younger generation but also to make sure that kids have exposure to the careers they are interested in and the diverse scientists working in those careers.


Critters: Pocket Guide to Animals in your State.

The updated Critter series puts  nature in your hand! "Critters" is your wildlife pocket guide that delivers wildlife accounts in an informative and concise presentation, while still being easy to use.

Each Critters Pocket guide  presents 63 critters of the highlighted state—if an animal is in this book, you have  a chance of seeing it in your state!

Click on a Book cover to purchase your copy Today!

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